A CSS3 web template is a styled structure for building web pages that incorporates the features and enhancements introduced in Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) version 3. CSS3 is an advanced stylesheet language used to control the presentation and layout of web content, and it offers a wide range of design possibilities. Do you know why should you download CSS3 based web templates? The CSS3 web templates take advantage of the advanced styling capabilities offered by CSS3. This includes features like gradients, shadows, rounded corners, custom fonts, and transitions that can be applied to various elements on a web page, allowing for a visually appealing and modern design. Moreover, CSS3 supports media queries, which allow for conditional styling based on factors like screen size, device orientation, and resolution. This helps ensure that the template looks good and functions properly across a range of devices. In order to get some appealing and interactive effects developers prefer to go with CSS3 because it includes some attractive elements or behaviors through CSS-based solutions like hover effects, toggle buttons, and menu animations.