A footer website template is a pre-designed layout that provides the structure and design elements for the bottom section of a webpage. While the header typically contains navigation and key branding elements, the footer is located at the bottom of the page and serves several important functions. As we know, the footer includes secondary navigation links, such as links to important pages like the Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and Sitemap. Additionally, contact information such as an email address, phone number, and physical address may be included to make it easy for visitors to get in touch. Footer available in the bootstrap web templates includes social media links to facilitate promotional activities. These icons are typically accompanied by text or small branding elements. Also, the template can be used for newsletter signups. A simple form or a link to a dedicated signup page can be included, allowing visitors to subscribe to updates, newsletters, or promotions. A footer website template serves both practical and aesthetic purposes, contributing to the overall professionalism and usability of a website.