Build Websites with AMP Templates Get Started [Free Download]

AMP Templates – Accelerated Mobile Pages Templates. It is a project composed to reach fast mobile pages. It is a blended intention from Google and Twitter to make a website load quicker. In a very pure professional language, it is a Google-backed project intended as an open standard for an administrator to have pages load quickly on mobile devices. As per, the free encyclopedia AMP project is a website publishing technology designed to improve the performance of web content.

AMP is an open-source library that provides a genuine way to create web pages that are compelling, running and load near immediately for users. Google’s AMP project is speeding up the web. AMP pages are just web pages that you can link and are managed by you. AMP builds on your existing skill sets and frameworks to create web pages.

They come along with numerous customization features and a fully responsive design to create a perfect web resource for your business.

Build websites with amp.

Responsive templates designed to work with all devices – mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Benefits Of AMP Templates

Here Now, Let’s talk about the benefits of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

  • AMP pages load in seconds, so your spot, viewers to arrive on your essential web pages.
  • You get success to engage your clients on your website.
  • By using AMP you can boost your sales and make your best achievement in the market.
  • It is an open source initiative aiming so web better for all.
  • You can link AMP web pages and that is controlled by you.
  • AMP gives a right direction to the mobile optimization, and make rank boosting factor for web pages.
  • User experience>Developer experience & Easy to implement.
  • By joining the AMP projects build a sustainable future for your business by faster web.

AMP Templates – Accelerated Mobile Pages Templates

Now let’s see how to create AMP pages. Focusing on code and live examples. AMP begins ready-made downloadable templates with guidance. Respectively template includes HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. To start a website with AMP follows the steps:

  • Choose a template
  • You can change the content and continue with your own.
  • Customize the page and styling your desire.
  • You can test that page and publish it.

Here you can find various kinds of AMP templates.

E-commerce Template


A travel and adventure focused site with extended animation and e-commerce functionality.


Bike Shop

A complete e-commerce website design to promote many products with a fresh look and feel.



An immersive walk-through that lavishes attention on each feature of your product.


News and Blog

Simple Blog

A perfect blog design with interactive elements such as an image a gallery, email sign up form and social buttons.


Simple Article

A modern design for article content containing images and suggested articles.


Land ans See

A significant magazine-style site, complete with stylistic animation, social elements, and page categories.


The Scenic

A stubborn blog template with style fonts and image galleries.


Art & Design


An up-to-date and extremely stylized showcase for creative content, image and event information.


Food and Drink:

Beak & Galo

A simple, classy design for a restaurant home page and menu.


Customize your page with pre-built, reusable AMP components. You can continue whatever you require into any AMP template. These instructions will show you how to get the AMP template. The AMP template design is thoroughly responsive. It is working with all devices – mobile, tablet and desktop.


Day by day AMP’s demand expanded to organic search performances. AMP’s purpose is clear that helping every web publisher, merchant and advertiser. AMP present a fantastic user experience and speed is the part of it.

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