Coach – Business Coaching Bootstrap 5 HTML Template


The template is a versatile Coach – Business Coaching Bootstrap 5 HTML Template, specially built for fitness coaches, course creators, and motivational speakers. Crafted using Bootstrap 5, this template ensures seamless adaptability across browsers, tablets, and mobile devices. 

Additionally, there’s a live preview available for the Bootstrap 5 Coaching template. The Coach- business Coaching Bootstrap 5 HTML template is ideal for Business Coaches, Life Coaches, Keynote Speakers, CEO coaches, Motivational speakers, and Fitness and Yoga coaches.

The coach website HTML template is graced with dynamic visual elements such as high-quality images, engaging typography, and videos in the format of events and podcasts.

Home Page Variations: Coach – Business Coaching Bootstrap 5 HTML Template

As mentioned above the responsive bootstrap 5 template has homepages built for various professionals. Let’s have some information about them one by one.

Keynote Speaker Layout Design:

The speaker web template focuses on a sleek and professional design. It highlights the keynote speaker’s expertise, speaking topics, and past engagements.

Keynote Speaker Layout

The main features of the  Keynote Speaker Layout Design:

  • Booking feature for workshops.
  • Get tickets online
  • Showcase Coach’s Journey
  • Podcasts, Events and Courses
  • Motivational and inspirational blogs
  • Detailed Footer
  • Newsletter Subscription

Professional Business Coaching Design:

For a business coach, the design centers around a clean and corporate look, emphasizing the coach’s experience, areas of expertise, and success stories with previous clients or businesses.

Business Coaching Bootstrap Template

The main features of the business coaching bootstrap 5 HTML template are:

  • Showcase services 
  • Client testimonials
  • Business Portfolio
  • Blogs and Podcasts
  • Resource section with helpful business tips
  • Call-to-action button
  • Book a consultation or coaching session.

Life Coaching Concept Design:

The Life Coach design template aims to convey a sense of personal growth, positivity, and transformation. It could employ warm colors, inspiring imagery, and motivational quotes.

Life Coach Bootstrap Template

The main features of the Bootstrap 5 web template are:

  • Section for coach’s philosophy
  • Services like one-on-one sessions 
  • Success stories from experts
  • Spot reservation for the program.
  • Articles focusing on personal development topics
  • Subscription option for newsletters.

Business Coaching Bootstrap 5 HTML Template (CEO Coach):

CEO Coach template showcases a more strategic and results-oriented approach. It highlights the coach’s experience scaling businesses, leadership training, and strategic planning.

CEO Coach Business Template

The main features of the entrepreneur bootstrap 5 template are:

  • Counters to show the number of projects, clients, and profit value.
  • Client testimonials 
  • A resources section with tools for business strategy
  • Consultation booking feature.
  • CEO-Entrepreneur programs, events, and podcasts.

Fitness Coach Landing Page 

Fitness Coach Landing Page design targets fitness enthusiasts. It could feature vibrant visuals, workout videos, before-and-after success stories, and a clear presentation of fitness programs or training packages offered.

Fitness Coach Bootstrap 5 Template

The main features of the Fitness Coach Bootstrap 5 template are:

  • Fitness program with duration and number of classes
  • About fitness coach
  • Certifications & achievements, 
  • Client testimonials
  • Detailed footer.
  • Online slot booking feature

Yoga Coach Personal Trainer Website Template

This template focuses on serenity, balance, and wellness. It could showcase tranquil imagery, calming colors, and perhaps video tutorials demonstrating various yoga poses and techniques.

Yoga Coach Bootstrap HTML 5 Template

The main features of the yoga bootstrap 5 template are:

  • Online yoga class booking
  • Details of yoga sessions
  • Upcoming courses
  • Yoga videos
  • Provision for personal trainer
  • Add-To-Cart
  • Online Payment

E-commerce Features

The website template is built with E-commerce features where users can perform their shopping for any course or resource. 

  • Product (List/View Page)
  • Product Single Page
  • Shopping Cart
  • Cart Checkout
  • Empty Cart
  • Order Status

Utility Pages

Various pages are built with the coach website Bootstrap 5 template. These pages include

  • About us
  • Contact us
  • 404 page
  • Team page
  • Pricing Page
  • Video Stories

Account Settings

Authentication is also available in the template. The following mentioned features are available for user verification.

  • Sign In
  • Sign Up
  • Password Reset
  • Verify Password
  • Profile
  • Subscription
  • Security
  • Notification
  • User Manage
  • Payment Setting
  • Payment History


The coach Bootstrap 5 web template aims to capture the essence of the respective coaching or speaking profession while presenting information in a clear, engaging, and user-friendly manner tailored to the audience’s needs and expectations.

Download the template and fulfill your project’s demand.

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