Premium React Bootstrap Templates 2023

Premium React Bootstrap Templates

Admin dashboards are in basic demand for any product development. The job becomes easier if you get a ready-made template in order to have your backend or admin panel. In the article, we will discuss some premium react-bootstrap templates 2023. We have done deep research and analysis to finalize the best templates for the admin dashboard.

The ultimate aim behind these dashboard templates is to facilitate reusable components with attractive UI. We know that a strong admin panel maintains the highest possible performance of any web application.

All the mentioned premium react-bootstrap templates are designed and developed to build any kind of web application, CRM, CMS, and backend panel. Moreover, the demo is available free of cost. Hence, whichever template suits you, install the demo version and experience the feel.

NioBoard – Premium react-bootstrap Templates

nioboard Premium react bootstrap Templates

Nioboard is a react-bootstrap admin dashboard template that holds 4+ innovative, responsive, and interactive dashboards. Also, the premium react-bootstrap template 2023 follows Bootstrap v5 with an excellent design.

Furthermore, NioBoard template is compatible with a maximum number of browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge, etc. If you are looking for premium hand-crafted components for the admin dashboard, the template will be a perfect choice. 

Clean Code: The code for the template is clean and easy to understand. Here, the technocrats have given proper comments on the code. Hence it does not create confusion for the developers.

Prebuilt Screens: Premium react-bootstrap templates are available with pre-built screens that ease the entire development process. 

Handmade Components: The attractive thing about the template is its handmade components that are eye-catching, unique, and elegant.

Comprehensive Elements: The extensive range of elements strengthens the application with its magnificent approach.
Lifetime Update: You will be happy to know, here each and every purchase includes free updation for a lifetime.


Viho – React Bootstrap Template

Premium react bootstrap Templates

Viho is one of the leading premium react templates that fulfill the demands of complex requirements. The fully featured template is developed with JQuery, Bootstrap 5, CSS, and HTML 5. No matter what is your requirement, the Viho template is the perfect choice to develop CRM (Customer Relationship Management), CMS, Backend, and customized admin panel. 

Furthermore, the template has an extensive range of reusable elements for the user interface. Apart from that, developers will have access to make customizations as per the requirement. Viho should be implemented if you are looking for

Responsiveness: The key factor in the template is its presence across all mobile devices. The view will be pleasing for the viewers as well. 

Latest Widgets: The react-bootstrap templates to create admin panels are available with innovative and recent widgets.

Recent Frameworks: The admin dashboard template is dependent upon the most recent technologies such as Pug, Gulp, and SaaS.

Documentation: Understanding any technology is challenging hence detailed documentation is available so that developers can refer to it. 


Minia – Premium react-bootstrap Templates

Minia - Premium react bootstrap Templates

Another template to have a dynamic admin panel is Minia which has Bootstrap ^5.3.0-alpha1 and React 18.2.0 with typescript. We call it the premium react-bootstrap template because it has more than 6 layouts and 3 modes. The three modes of appearance are Dark, Light, and RTL. Moreover switching between various layouts can be done easily by changing a few lines of code.

With Minia, developers can complete various types of projects including eCommerce, Crypto, Project Management Applications, CMS, and many more. The admin panel dashboard delivers:

Clean and Well Documented Code: The react admin dashboard template has clean code with comments. Moreover, detailed documentation is available for help.

Multiple Responsive Layouts: Minia template holds more than 6 responsive layouts that allow the development of stunning and exceptional UI.

Chatting Module: With the template, you get a pre-built chatting application. Hence if you are building any system that needs a chat module, go with it.

Google Font: A component that has made the admin dashboard template in demand is the availability of Google fonts.


Gull – React Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard Template

Gull - React Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard Template  Premium react bootstrap Templates

Those who are looking for premium react-bootstrap templates should try Gull once. It is an admin dashboard that follows react-bootstrap 5. Here, you will get a comprehensive range of components such as User-Interface Kits, Pages, and Utilities. The template is perfectly fine to develop cross-platform applications. Moreover, it also supports the development of Web applications where you need a custom admin panel.

Prebuilt Applications: Various readymade applications are integrated with the admin dashboard template. It includes Invoice Builder, Chat App, Task Manager, Inbox, and Calendar.

Flexible Color Scheme: Premium react-bootstrap templates-Gull is available with dynamic color schemes, and you are free to customize the color schemes as per your need.

Charts: Another dynamic feature of the admin dashboard template is Charts. Developers will get eChart, Apex Chart, Victory chart, React Vis, and ReChart.

2000+ Premium Icons: Gull has more than 2000 icons that make your designs extra lucrative and special.


Sigma – React Bootstrap Admin Template

Sigma - React Bootstrap Admin Template

React 16.4.1, Redux, & Bootstrap 4.1 are the technologies behind Sigma. The concepts that have given it position in the list of premium react-bootstrap templates are 3 unique layouts, 100+ web pages, 8 navigation bars, and more than 500 widgets. Moreover, the components are reusable as a result of which you will be able to save your time and effort in the upcoming React projects.

Quick Execution: The template reloads the modules quickly which makes the development and execution process fast.

Variable Font Icons: Sigma- react-bootstrap 4 admin template has more than 1500 font icons.

Responsive and Custom: Developers should prefer the admin dashboard template if they need a responsive web application. Moreover, here you will have access to customize the appearances and modules as per the project’s requirements.

Browser Compatible: The react-bootstrap 4 admin template is compatible with the majority of the browsers like IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, and Edge.


Bamburgh – Premium react-bootstrap admin Dashboard & UI Kit Template

Bamburgh - Premium react-bootstrap admin Dashboard & UI Kit Template

The premium react-bootstrap template, Bamburg has a very clean and flawless design. It is built in React end to end. Another unique thing about the admin dashboard template is its use of the starter kit Create React App from Facebook. Seeing its design you will be impressed for sure because of its attractive and outstanding components. Hence if you are looking for a web template with an innovative and clean design, try Bamburgh now. The demo is available.

Customized Bootstrap: The premium React-Bootstrap template is optimized for a classy and state-of-the-art designed look. With the combination of Reactstrap PRO and Bamburgh React admin dashboard, you will be able to develop beautiful applications in a quick time.

Modern Approach: As we have stated above, the template is best suited if you are looking for a clean designed UI. The creative team has followed a modern approach while making the admin dashboard & UI kit template.

Browser Compatible: The admin dashboard template Bamburgh, is compatible with leading browsers like Edge, Chrome, Mozilla, IE, etc.


Koho – Bootstrap 5, React & Laravel 9 Dashboard Template

Koho - Bootstrap 5, React & Laravel 9 Dashboard Template

Koho is one of the reliable and popular premium react-bootstrap templates that has fully featured components. The technologies behind the admin dashboard template are HTML 5, CSS, JQuery, and Bootstrap 5. It also has lots of custom pages. If the project requirement is about CRM, admin panel, backend for application, and CMS, go with Koho. You can experience the features by implementing the demo.

Clean Design & Latest Widgets: To enhance the appearance of the user interface, the bootstrap 5, react & Laravel 9 dashboard template has the latest widgets. Moreover, the overall design is appealing and attractive.

Developer Friendly: The template follows solid core and well-defined architecture as a result of which it works great across all browsers and screens. Furthermore, developers can do customizations as per their needs.

Excellent Support: Furthermore to support developers and designers, you will get detailed documentation that eases the development and learning process.


Crema – React Admin Template Material Design, Bootstrap, and Ant Design

Crema - React Admin Template Material Design, Bootstrap, and Ant Design

Now we discuss the highly optimized admin dashboard template which is known as Crema. The premium react-bootstrap template is popular because it has React Hooks that allow it to write components without the use of classes. Because of the integration with Redux and Context API, the development process becomes fast. Moreover, in Cream, the integration with real servers is easy because it holds a fake API creator ‘Axios-mock-adaptor’.

11 Navigation Styles: The admin dashboard template is enriched with various navigation styles. It makes all the movement from one screen to another quick and direction oriented.

Three Modes: Crema admin dashboard template is available in 3 modes they are Light, Semi-Dark, and Dark.

Excellent Color combination: The premium react-bootstrap template has more than 1000 color schemes. We know users look for an impressive interface and hence one should always go with innovative and unparalleled color combinations.

7 Applications: By working in the admin dashboard template, you will be able to leverage the advantage of 7 applications which are the Email App, Todo App, Contact App, Scrumboard App, Chat App, Wall App, and E-commerce App.


HiliteUI Responsive Bootstrap, React, VUE, and Angular Admin Template

HiliteUI Responsive Bootstrap, React, VUE, and Angular Admin Template

HiliteUI is a responsive bootstrap admin template that has more than 100 handmade widgets. Being device friendly, the premium react-bootstrap template works well across mobile devices and desktops. The technologies used in the admin dashboard template are Bootstrap framework, SASS, jQuery, HTML5, and CSS. Moreover, the template is also available in alternative technologies that include Vue.js, React, and Angular.

Clean Design: HiliteUI template has a clean and authentic design approach. Furthermore, the coding structure is properly commented, in order to ease the developer’s job. Also, you will get featured elements along with attractive themes that contribute enough to make a UI outstanding.

Easy to customize: The admin dashboard template allows easier customizations because the SAAS preprocessor has been used for styling HiliteUI.

Browser Compatible: The bootstrap admin dashboard template is cross-browser compatible, and it makes the development easier for the backend panel, CRM, CMS, and admin dashboard.


Zeta – React js, Angular 15, Django, Bootstrap 5 HTML Admin & Dashboard Template

Zeta - React js, Angular 15, Django, Bootstrap 5 HTML Admin & Dashboard Template

If you are looking for premium react-bootstrap templates that are fully featured and multipurpose, download the demo for Zeta now. Here you will get a vast collection of UI elements along with advanced JQuery plugins. The admin dashboard template is developed using Bootstrap 5 Framework, HTML5, CSS, and JQuery. Moreover, developers can use the template to build any kind of web application.

Trending Designs: Designs play an important role and hence the admin dashboard template Zeta offers designs as per the latest market trends.

Online Documents: To support developers in the end-to-end development process, you will get detailed documentation. 

Variety of custom pages: The admin dashboard template has more than 1000 custom pages that are kept to make the development process quick and accurate.


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