Tailwind CSS Admin Dashboard Template – Mosaic

Tailwind CSS Admin Dashboard Template - Mosaic

The all-in-one Tailwind CSS admin dashboard template for creating stunning and fully responsive web applications. Mosaic is built on top of Tailwind CSS and coded in HTML, React, and Vue.

Tons of pages, tons of possibilities

Mosaic comes with hundreds of ready-made pages and sections to let you create any type of web application for yourself or your clients.

  1. Main Dashboard
  2. Analytics Dashboard
  3. View Live Page
  4. Analytics Dashboard
  5. Customers (Table)
  6. View Live Page
  7. Customers (Table)
  8. Orders (Table)
  9. View Live Page
  10. Orders (Table)
  11. Invoices (Table)
  12. View Live Page
  13. Invoices (Table)
  14. Shop
  15. View Live Page
  16. Shop
  17. Shop 2
  18. View Live Page
  19. Shop 2
  20. Single Product
  21. View Live Page
  22. Single Product
  23. Cart
  24. View Live Page
  25. Cart
  26. Cart 2
  27. View Live Page
  28. Cart 2

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Tailwind CSS Admin Dashboard Template – Mosaic

One product, endless patterns, and user flows

Mosaic Tailwind CSS admin dashboard template is packed with a huge selection of UX patterns and user flows to give you a solid foundation for every kind of project.

  1. Account Settings
  2. Billing
  3. Support
  4. Product Updates
  5. Analytics / Data
  6. Notifications
  7. Registration / Authentication
  8. Checkout
  9. Messaging & Communication
  10. Team Management
  11. Calendars & Time
  12. Tasks & Collaboration
  13. Onboarding
  14. Managing orders
  15. Profiles
  16. Utilities
  17. Lists & Tables
  18. And much more…

Beautiful, clean-looking code to help you move faster

Mosaic has a robust and clean code structure that enables you to quickly personalize the features you want and scale your platform as your needs grow.

Everything’s under control with the design system.

Sometimes, the little details take the most time. That’s why we’ve created a robust library of UI elements that you can quickly integrate into your projects.

  1. Buttons
  2. Actions
  3. UI Badges
  4. Breadcrumbs
  5. Dropdown & other states
  6. Modal & Popovers
  7. Tooltip & Messages
  8. Avatar & Placeholders
  9. Input forms
  10. Paginations
  11. Tabs
  12. And much more…

Bring your data to life with beautiful charts

One of the most crucial parts when creating a dashboard is deciding how to present your data. Mosaic has dozens of ready-to-use widgets built using the chart.js library.

Purchase Mosaic today, plus any updates we release for a one-time payment.

Buy Mosaic – $39

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