Best 5 Free Material UI React Admin Templates


To make your Admin Panel more lucrative, accessible, and result-driven, we are available with the Best 5 Free Material UI React Admin Templates. The templates are specifically developed to meet the expectations of your business processes.

Further, by being in the field of application development for many years, we have realized that the admin panel acts as a backbone of the entire system. Also, when you have strong and flexible management from the backend, all the executions will automatically be controlled. 

Keeping this in mind, experts have developed these React-based templates for the admin panel. As we have already discussed the technology in our previous blog, React eases the job of making interactive user interfaces. If you are a developer who works on this technology, you should not worry about the UI because it offers an attractive and dynamic interface.

Also, because of being component-based in nature, React manages its own state. It offers the ability to create complex interfaces as well. So guys, let’s move towards the Best 5 Free Material UI React Admin Templates

Flexy React Material Admin Lite

Flexy React Material UI Admin Template for busy developer

The template is available in two versions. The first one is basic and the other one is Pro. With the basic version of the template, you will get an analytical dashboard and accessibility to check the demo for the 7 pages. Flexy React material admin lite theme is available with integrated plugins and 10 UI components. You will have access to 100+ fonts along with a few ready-to-use widgets. So, while accessing the demo, make sure to check various combinations in order to get a clear idea about the theme.

On the other hand, with the Pro version of Flexy react material admin lite theme, developers will have a lot more options to access. The dashboard will be analytical as well as eCommerce based. Further, 3 versions for the dashboard are available which are Dark Version, Main Version, and RTL Version.

The application designs of the Pro version of the template include Chat App, Email App, Calendar App, Customer App, and Notes App. Apart from that, here you will have access to more than 55 pages with integrated plugins and 30+ UI components. 

To make the appearance of the admin panel even more attractive, the template offers a front-end landing page, unlimited color options, and 1000+ font options. Don’t forget to watch demo.

Demo – Flexy React Material Admin Lite

Mantis Free – React Admin Dashboard Template

Mantis Free - Material UI React Admin Dashboard Template
Mantis Free – React Admin Dashboard Template

With the free version, developers will be getting 7 demo pages while with the pro version, 85+ demo pages are available along with dark/night mode and Auth0, Firebase, AWS Cognito, and JWT authentication.

Being a technocrat, you must be knowing the importance of these authentications. Security is the most required feature of the software world and the template takes care of the need along with other goal-oriented features.

Furthermore, in the pro version of the template, you will have design files, more than 5 color options, and an Inbuilt mock API along with data states. The template almost covers all the requirements of an admin dashboard and if you install the pro version, the benefits become double. During the demo, all the features can be visualized based on which developers should take their call on whether they should go for the pro or not.

If the theme is ok as per the requirement of your project, check the demo now.

Demo – Mantis – React Admin Dashboard Template

Minimal Free – Client & Admin Dashboard

Minimal Free – Client & Admin Dashboard
Minimal Free – Client & Admin Dashboard

The option is a great choice for client and admin-based management. Like Mantis free react admin dashboard, the Minimal Free- Client & Admin Dashboard is also available in free and pro versions.

Moreover, this is the template that has been developed with MUI core components and React. It makes it more attractive, demanding, and flexible.

In the free version, the features are limited as compared to the pro version. With a free version of the template, you will be able to access 7 demo pages. And in the pro version, accessibility for 40 demo pages is available.

Further, the Pro version offers various features including multi-language, dark, and night mode versions. Pages that are available for the demo are Dashboard, Users, Products, Blog, login, Not found, and Register. So if you think the theme suits your requirement, install the demo now.

Demo – Minimal Free – Client & Admin Dashboard

Berry Free – React Material Admin Dashboard

Berry Free - React Material Admin Dashboard
Berry Free – React Material Admin Dashboard

If you are looking for a free React-based admin dashboard, Berry Free – React Material Admin Dashboard should also be considered. There are two versions available for this theme. Developers can either go for a Free or full version. 

Obviously, with the free theme, the features will be lesser in comparison to the full version. With the free version, developers will be able to access 9 demo pages. On the other hand, if you take the full version, lots of options will be there. 

The full version offers accessibility to 45 plus demo pages along with various versions of dark & night more. Further, the theme comes up with Figma design files and Typescript versions. It helps developers in their projects by saving lots of time.

With the theme, you will have options of data states like loading, error, or empty. Further, the template is available with the required authentication of firebase, auth0, and JWT. To bring more variations to the admin panel, there are more than six color combinations available. You can choose whatever you or your client likes. There is no manual effort required. Simply click on the required color combination and you will have your new template.

You must try it once because the template meets the requirement gracefully. If you think it fulfills your demand, try the demo now.

Demo – Berry Free – React Material Admin Dashboard



Another option for the admin panel is Paperbase. The theme is dedicatedly developed for backend systems to manage the web and mobile-based applications. The template has all the provisions to control the front end.

To bring more flexibility to the admin panel, the theme is available with multiple versions, unlimited fonts, and color combinations. Also, the admin template offers design files to make an attractive user interface.

Demo – Paperbase

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