Best Education & Online Courses Webflow Template

Best Education & Online Courses Webflow Template

What is Webflow?

Online courses are in great demand now and seeing the chaos in the domain, we are here with the Education Courses Webflow templates. These templates are interactive, easy, and customizable depending on the requirement.

Before moving toward the templates, we must understand what Webflow is. The terminology will help us to maintain the product appropriately. Webflow is a SaaS (Software As A Service) based application that facilitates the provision to create responsive websites. It also has the flexibility to accommodate browser-based visual editing software. As a result, an interactive and attractive UI comes up.

In Webflow, designers simply pick the tool they want, and correspondingly the HTML, JavaScript, and CSS get generated. Furthermore, the technology does not require any kind of external plugin and is an all-in-one platform with an in-built CMS. 

In the year 2013, the creator of Intuit Brainstorm, “Vlad Magdalin”, Sergei Magdalin, & former CTO of Vungle Inc, “Bryant Chou” founded Webflow. Moreover, the product is hosted on Fastly & powered by Amazon CloudFront.

Why should you consider Webflow for Web Development?

There are number of reasons that make Webflow in great demand, and a few of them are:

  1. The concept is purely for professionals, and developers can grasp the concepts quickly.
  2. Webflow follows classes and reusable styles.
  3. Flexbox & CSS grid-type modern layout tools are available in WebFlow.
  4. Publishing is a simple process, and developers can do it with a click only
  5. The CMS is customizable and powerful.

About Webflow online Courses Template

The last two years have been challenging for everyone, and it has given us the realization of online concepts. Digitization became mandatory during this time, and presently businesses give preference to online mode. 

Even our education system has become online because education is an unstoppable process. Seeing the great demand, we are here with the Webflow online courses template. Hence if you are planning for an amazing, innovative, easy, and flexible online learning system, check out the templates now. They have all the provisions to make the online learning experience worthwhile. So let’s check the best templates for online courses.

Course X – Learning Website Template

Online presence is a need of time for any business. And if you are in the education sector, the need becomes mandatory. You must be aware of the demand for online courses. Hence, teachers or institutions who are planning to sell their courses online must follow our dynamic Course X template. The concept is exclusively for online learning systems.

Course X learning website template built in Webflow
Course X – Learning Website Template

Being a teacher, you always wish to be surrounded by students & our Course X learning website template offers an excellent dynamic website. Further, it will make your online presence remarkable. You can also sell your courses and other material online.

Dynamic Features of Course X learning website template

You must be thinking, what makes the learning template in demand and why should you implement it? Course X Learning Website Template is enriched with dynamic features and let’s see them one by one:

Excellent and Unique Design: As we know, unique design gains attention and the same goes here. The Course X WebFlow Template follows the latest design concepts to make your online website even more special and attractive. 

Optimized Loading Time: We are sure, you immediately close the websites that take time to open or move from one page to another. Everyone ignores such websites but this is not the case here. The template provides optimized website speed and users get an excellent loading-time experience. Also, because of fast loading timing, developers prefer working on such templates to create their online education system.

Responsive: Various gadgets are being used for browsing in the present scenario like smartphones, computers, tablets, etc. Hence, the performance of any website must be uniform across all these environments. The Webflow-based Course X Learning Website Template maintains the responsiveness of the website across all devices.

Animations: Animated websites have their own charm and users generally get attracted to such web platforms. The template has the flexibility of animations and you can easily gain attention from the user base.

Fully Customizable: Each education project has its own specification. And because of this reason, Course X Webflow Templates are easy to customize. This means depending on the design preference and the project’s demand, developers can customize the web application. 

Consistent Upgradation: The template follows trending features and functionalities. Further, the management team keeps updating the system at regular intervals so that developers could be aware of the progress in technology.


Education X – Education Website Template

Education X Webflow template online learning & teaching

Webflow online learning template is the most suited option to develop online learning systems. Education institutes are looking to build an online web platform in order to promote their online teaching process. Using the Webflow template, you can build a premium education website. Those who are searching for Webflow Template for eLearning & Education platforms should check the demo now.

Whether you have an academy, school, or education institute, you can create an online education system for students who are seeking online courses. All the features and functions are already integrated into the template. Further, developers or any person who need support while working on the template.

Features of Education X – Education Website Template

As we know, the era is all about digitization, and those who do not have an online presence will lose their potential. Also, online education generates more business. So if you are looking to grow as an educational institution, make sure to have your own website. And the Education Courses Webflow templates have all the features that help to develop an online platform.

Elegant Designing Approach: The online education template comes with an attractive user interface and it assures world-class learning websites. As we know, the design of an online platform matters a lot because it empowers traffic to your website. And we know, a website without traffic has no worth. So if you are looking for an attractive design for your online education website, do not miss the option.

Figma File: We know that support is an integral part of any technical development. This is the reason, complete customization support is offered with Education X Webflow Template. So, you can email once the template is procured by you. The owners shall send Figma design sources so that the required customization could be done.

Pages of Education X – Education Website Template

The Education Courses Webflow templates come with in-built pages that include Home, About, Blog (CMS), Blog Posts (CMS), Blog Post Categories (CMS), Events (CMS), Event Single (CMS), Courses (Ecommerce), Course Single (Ecommerce), Teacher (CMS), Contact, Style Guide, Password Protected and 404 Not Found. Hence using the template you can build an education website having these pages.


E-Learn – Education Website Template

well designed e learn education webflow template
E-Learn – Education Website Template

Webflow’s E-learn education website template is well-structured and organized. The template is basically designed for the teachers and the education providers. The E-learn education website template has all the features that make the learning experience result-oriented.

Hence the teachers who are searching for the best E-learn education system should definitely check out Webflow’s E-learn education website template.

Features that make the template reliable for education purposes.

Fully Customized: There is no restriction in the template. Creators have made it accessible and easy to customize depending on the need. Hence, while adopting the system, you should not worry about customization. Webflow offers the change in the template even without looking into the code. 

Being a developer, we always need a solution that is fast, reliable, and easy to implement. With Webflow, you get all the conditions fulfilled. So let’s customize your educational website using the best Webflow education template.

Responsive: Are you looking for a responsive education website template? This is the right place. Webflow education template performs uniformly across all the systems and browsers. No matter what the screen size of your device is. The creators know the worth of education and hence they have added all the important features so that your students could have a better learning experience. 

Webflow CMS Blogs: Blogs are the integrated part of your website because they play an important role in order to increase the visibility of your education website on search engines. In the E-learn education website template, you will get blogs from Webflow CMS. The entire section is ready to use and you are only required to add the blog and update its category.

Additional Features: If you are looking for more reasons to go with the E-learn education website template, here you go. The template comes with lots of options including responsive navigation, interactions, animations, subscriber forms, reusable symbols, free Google fonts options, and many more.

So, guys, we hope you have understood the concept of the E-learning system. If you think this could be a platform to develop your online education system, check out the demo now. Education Courses Webflow templates are free for your analysis.


Academy – School Website Template

academy and school webflow template for online courses
Academy – School Website Template

Digitization of education became the need of time and in this regard, Webflow is offering Education Courses Webflow templates specially designed for school websites. Here one can seamlessly motivate students to learn the concepts online. 

Academy is a leading and excellent Webflow Template through which one can provide online courses to students. The web portal looks amazing and is easy to access for the students as well. So what are you waiting for? Check out the demo now for the best template to create a school website.

What is the Academy Template?

Education Courses Webflow templates make the learning experience sound. Academy is one of those templates that contain all the provisions required for a school website. As online presence is mandatory for all businesses, the same goes for the education sector. Any school or education institute that does not have a solid presence over Google, does not get preference from the public.

Those who are looking for an online school website should implement the Academy School Website Template. The template comes with great benefits and it gives direction to your online teaching as well as a learning experience. 

Features that make Academy Templates more in demand?

Attractive Design: The User Interface of the Education Courses Webflow templates are mind-blowing. It has been designed by keeping the latest approach and learner’s expectations in mind. Once you will create your website following the Academy Template, you will feel the difference.

Fast Loading Time: The Webflow education template comes with optimized speed. The school website will open and navigate quickly. As a result of which, users will be engaged and comfortable.

Mobile Friendly: As we know, most users browse websites through their mobile devices, and the Academy template is fully responsive. No matter what device is being used, its behavior will be uniform across all the browsers of your mobile devices, tablets, desktops, etc.

Animation: Academy- Online Course Webflow Template is available with excellent and innovative animations. Here, the ultimate aim is to offer a friendly, engaging, and outstanding platform to the students. 

Flexible: Being a developer, we prefer customized templates and Academy is one of them. Depending upon the requirement of the school, or education provider, you can edit the Digital School Webflow Template. It is developed with Reusable Classes, Global Fonts, and Other Edibility concepts.


Guru – Education Website Template

start new learning platform with Guru Webflow template
Guru – Education Website Template

In the present world where the internet has become one of the best sources to earn a fair income, why are you still sharing your knowledge offline? Channelize your skill set with Guru and earn money by composing quality course or tutorial content and uploading via Webflow CMS to start selling.

The paying customer will receive a file of your making, which will provide a link to content once they are done checking out Webflow Ecommerce.

Arranging free courses with Guru, not only provides insight to the customer about the course material but also attracts new users to the sites. The usage of strategic keywords will always prove to be advantageous in bringing fresh eyes to the website through search engines and could convert some users into paying customers.


Guru uses Webflow CMS to arrange courses and lessons. Free courses are available to the public in full whereas premium courses are purchased through Webflow eCommerce checkout and the users can access the file once the payment is done. The downloaded file which you provide must contain a link to the course and lessons hosted on your sites. Courses use an unclear URL that cannot be predicted without the link. Courses can also be password-protected and only be distributed in the files which could be downloaded.

Features Of Guru – Education Website Template:

Host Free & Paid Courses: With the Guru – Education Website Template, you can have both types of courses including free and paid. In order to increase the visibility of your website on the search engine, you should use effective keywords in the free courses as well. When you have a good ranking on the search engines, you can convert visitors into paying users.

Provision for videos: In order to offer more comfort to the learners, the template has the option of embedded videos. All the content can be expressed in the form of videos from where students can learn things quickly.


Skillz – School Website Template

skill school website template designed in webflow template
Skillz – School Website Template

Knowledge is your biggest asset and you can earn well by sharing your knowledge through Webflow Skillz E-learning Webflow Template. The template consists of all the features that are required for online tutorial content. You simply need to upload all the skill sets and start selling them online.

As we know, learning is a never-ending process and there are people who constantly look for something innovative. They always strive hard to learn new skill sets from professionals. Hence your skills can act as a digital asset through which you will be able to earn a name and fame both.

So if you are searching for the best online education template, the search is over here. The era revolves around digitization and it is the right time to convert your knowledge into digital assets. Monetize your skills and build your own identity.

Features of the E-Learning platform that make it goal-oriented.

Easy to Customize: The Webflow template is flexible to customize to the exact requirement of the project. Each education system has its own requirements and flow of work. This is the reason Webflow Skillz Template is kept 100% customizable. The template facilitates quick updation of blogs, course content, typography, color palettes, etc. There is no need to be a coding or designing expert in order to manage these things. People with the least technical knowledge can make these customizations.

Provision For Pain & Free Courses: You can list free as well as paid courses in the online learning Webflow template. All the glimpses of the detailed course can be reflected in the free course section. Additionally, here is the provision to have your own community as a result of which knowledge sharing becomes easy and flexible.

Multiple Contributor Flexibility: With the Skillz template, you can offer your courses to up to 50 people at a time. Further, here you can add contributors to either free or paid courses in an easy manner. So depending upon the user’s preferences, multiple contributors’ flexibility is available in the template.

Super easy category management: The Webflow Education Template offers flexibility to manage the categories. Here you can add, update or delete the types depending on the project’s requirement. With the Skillz template, you can simply add a category and implement the required content to it.

Hence, people who are looking to share their knowledge should go with Skillz Template.

Check out the demo now.

Brookside – University Website Template

University webflow template

Here we are introducing a premium Webflow template called Brookside that supports the development of online learning websites for universities as well as other educational institutes. The Brookside University Website Template comes with the least design and proper functional approach and if you are looking for an elegant website with a sober user interface, Brookside will be the most suitable approach.

The online learning Webflow template is easy to use because it does not require much technical knowledge. Even if you are unaware of coding, it doesn’t matter at all. The template contains the provision for Courses, Details of Campus, Contact Details, Events Details, etc.

Once you develop your university’s or school’s website in the Brookside template, all the users will be delighted for sure.

With a minimal design approach, the system takes care of all the needs and leaves a remarkable impression on all the learners.

Features of Brookside Online Learning Website Template

CMS for Courses along with detailed pages: The template has the provision for sharing the courses. The detailed information can be expressed in the detailed pages. All the features and functions are shared through the CMS and detailed pages.

Forms: Webflow online learning template comes with an integrated form through which users’ information can be collected easily. You can edit the fields depending on your need.

Events CMS: With the Brookside template, you get a proper section for the events. As we know, events are an integrated part of the universities hence to manage them properly, the Webflow template provides a proper template.

Responsive Layout: If you are looking for a mobile-friendly online learning platform, the Brookside template is the preferred one. Websites developed in this template, perform well across all platforms and browsers.

Additional Features: Some features that make the template more attractive and in demand are fully animated pages, symbols, testimonials, style guides, and licenses.

Pages available in the template

Webflow’s online learning system comes with various pages including Home, Events, Courses, Campus Detailed Page, Contact Us, T&C, Privacy Policy & Style Guide.


Coursely – Learning Website Template

learn how to launch a podcast design website with coursely webflow template
Coursely – Learning Website Template

Here teachers can share their skill sets professionally. The online education platform encourages teachers to share their knowledge and learners to learn the shared content. As we know, education providers are earning handsome amounts by sharing their content online, so you should not stay behind. With Coursely you get a flexible hand to optimize the template depending on the requirement.

Why should you consider Coursely for an online learning website template?

The education template is lightweight and enables teachers to convert their knowledge into business. With Coursely you get the freedom to have your own platform in order to share your knowledge. The template is simple and easy to implement. Furthermore, the template comes with reusable symbols and grid systems that make an effective contribution to making your website attractive and dynamic.

Webflow education template has the required section so that teachers could reflect the required content for the learners. Included sections are Hero Section – with a video trailer, Course Curriculum, (FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions, Customer Quote Section, Quote Gallery, CTA cards, and many more.

Moreover, you will have the provision to opt for multiple fonts, colors, etc. Available pages for the theme are Home, FAQs, Contact, Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, Instructions, 404 Page Not Found, Style Guide, Password Protected, etc.

Features of Coursely learning website template

Global Style Editing: The entire Webflow education template is completely customizable. One can update the font, colors, size of text, and other styling options. So if you are looking to have an elegant educational website with an outstanding interface, follow the template. Furthermore, all the changes can be done even without touching the code. Hence, if someone has the least programming knowledge they can also work on the changes.

Utility Pages: The Coursely Learning Education Courses Webflow templates offer to edit buttons and paragraphs. A detailed style guide page is given from where all the base elements can be managed in order to enhance the appearance of educational web platforms.

So people searching for the best online education website template should consider Coursely for sure. The demo is available, check it now.


MasterBox – Education Website Template

best choice for education webflow template
MasterBox – Education Website Template

With Masterbox Education Courses Webflow templates one can create an online knowledge-sharing platform. Nowadays online businesses are the best source to earn well. This is the reason, we are here with a template through which you can create an education website. Also, those who are looking to offer online workshops, training, etc, should implement the concept. Here you will have the flexibility to edit the template even without much programming knowledge. 

What will you get in the Masterbox Education Website Template?

More than 4 Homepages: The Education Courses Webflow templates are available with four different homepages along with dynamic hero sections. Hence depending upon the requirement you are free to select the required home page and process the further implementations.

Multiple Components: To facilitate outstanding design for your web platform, the template comes up with lots of elements. All these components make an effective contribution to making the UI appealing and result-driven.

Documentation and support: To assist the users in the most prominent way, the system is available with proper guidance. All the methodologies are explained in the form of documentation. So while working, if anyone finds any issue, they can take reference from the guide.

Compatible With Browser & Responsive: The online education website template is fully responsive and performs uniformly well across all devices and browsers.


University – University Website Template

easily customizd webflow template for university
University – University Website Template

Webflow template is one of the suitable options for the development of education-based platforms. Universities, schools, and other institutions can build their website using the template because here they will have all the required options. Further, they can make changes as per their requirement and theme.

Features of University – University Website Template

100% Responsive: Responsiveness is the primary need of any website and the template is by default responsive. You can access it from any device. The navigation and sliders are responsive as well.

Interactions: The Education Courses Webflow templates are available with dynamic animations and interactions. Because of these interactions, the usability of an online education website increases.

Forms: In order to build the base of subscribers, the template has the provision forms. The leads can also be collected using the form. One can optimize the form based on the required fields.

Web fonts: To give an attractive look to your education website, the template offers various Google fonts.

If you find the template useful, check out the demo now.


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