Etro – Investment Webflow Template

Etro - Investment Webflow Template FinTech investor design

Etro is a modern investment app Webflow template for any crypto startup, SaaS software, or finance app. Adjust to fit your brand, showcase your product, and get user sign-ups and product downloads in no time.

Etro – Investment Webflow Template is a sophisticated and versatile platform for investment professionals and firms. This template is meticulously designed using the Webflow platform, offering a visually appealing and user-friendly experience.

It provides a range of features tailored to the financial industry, including customizable investment portfolios, interactive charts, and real-time data integration. Etro’s responsive design ensures that it adapts seamlessly to different devices, enhancing accessibility.

With its intuitive interface, Etro empowers investment professionals to showcase their expertise and services effectively, facilitating client engagement and trust. It’s a powerful tool for anyone seeking to create a compelling online presence in the investment sector.

Demo – Investment Webflow Template

Etro is a modern investment app Webflow template for any cryptocurrency startup, SaaS software, or financial app.

Pages Overvie

  1. Homepage
  2. How it Works
  3. Pricing
  4. Blog (CMS)
  5. Contact
  6. Support (CMS)
  7. Support Category (CMS)
  8. Support Article (CMS)
  9. Blog Post (CMS)
  10. Log In
  11. Get Started
  12. Reset Password
  13. Style Guide
  14. Privacy Policy
  15. Terms & Conditions
  16. 404
  17. Password
  18. Licenses
  19. Instructions

Utility pages

You can easily change the style of base elements like buttons and paragraphs from the Style Guide page. The utility pages (404, Password) are also included.

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