Felix – SaaS Website Template

Felix - SaaS Website Template for developer build with webflow

Felix is the ultimate product to create unique and powerful SaaS Website Template. Save days from your projects, and deliver results that drive success for you and your customers. Felix – SaaS Website Template is packed with over 80+ beautiful sections and 25+ prebuild pages.

Felix is the ultimate product to create unique and powerful websites online. Save days from your projects, and deliver results that drive success for you and your customers.

  • 25+ Pre-built pages
  • Responsive
  • 80+ Sections
  • Customizable
  • Flexible

Felix is built with enterprise companies in mind, and we pride ourselves on not only world-class design, but also leading production and development.

Felix is packed with over 80+ sections and components all built to look great and perform even better. Easily mix and match sections to create unique layouts that actually work for your business.

Saas website template – Demo

Felix Pages

With over 80+ sections & components, creating unique designs for you and your clients is incredibly easy.

  • Home (Overview)
  • Home (V1)
  • Home (V2)
  • Home (V3)
  • Home (Mixed)
  • About Us (V1)
  • About Us (V2)
  • About Us (V3)
  • Blog (V1)
  • Blog (V2)
  • Blog (V3)
  • Blog Post (CMS) ⭐
  • Author Page (CMS) ⭐
  • Category (CMS) ⭐
  • Careers (V1)
  • Careers (V2)
  • Job Post (CMS) ⭐
  • Pricing (V1)
  • Pricing (V2)
  • Pricing (V3)
  • Contact (V1)
  • Contact (V2)
  • Contact (V3)
  • Terms/Legal
  • Login
  • Register
  • Forgot Password
  • 404
  • Password Protected

Features Of Felix – SaaS Website Template

  • World class design & art direction
  • Enterprise quality development
  • Built by the leading & most followed webflow team (flowbase.co)
  • Easily edited and customized to suit any project
  • Totally re-usable sections & components
  • Complete Style Guide
  • 25+ Pre-Built Pages
  • 80+ Unique Sections
  • Beautiful & easily edited interactions
  • Powerful CMS
  • Intuitive & Easy-to-use Class Naming
  • Webflow optimised
  • Retina Ready
  • 100% Responsive
  • SEO Optimized (H1s, Structure, Naming, Speed)
  • Great performance
  • Modern & clean layouts
  • Expert support

100% Customisable

Our templates are 100% customizable – we just give you the ultimate headstart. Change the colors, container sizes, spacing, or anything you like to suit your project and to own the design in every way. 

Thank you.

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