Free React Material UI Admin Dashboard Template – Berry

Free React Material UI Admin Dashboard Template - Berry

Berry is a free react material UI admin template built using the Material UI. It is meant to be the best User Experience with highly customizable feature-riched pages. It is a complete React Dashboard Template with an easy and intuitive responsive design as on retina screens or laptops. The template is fully responsive and can be downloaded for free.

Berry is full features of working apps, Figma resource file, Advance UI components, Charts, Form plugins, and lots more. Berry is meant to be built for faster and easier web app development. When you see the Berry for the first time. You feel amazed with its Fresh color palates & user experience.

Demo – Free React Admin Dashboard

It brings everything you need for dashboard development. It features a minimal yet powerful User Interface for modern development including in the initial release.

Key Features

  • Modern aesthetics UI design
  • Material UI components
  • React Hook, Redux, Formik, Prettier, Code Splitting, Auth0, Firebase & JWT.
  • Fully Responsive, all modern browsers supported
  • Easy to use code structure
  • Flexible & High-Performance code
  • Easy Documentation Guide

Pro version

Berry Pro is available on the Material-UI store. In one word, Berry is a beautiful yet simple react admin template made using the Material-UI v5 component library.


It helps you out in all aspects from installation to deployment. Download

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